Brand Development / Consultancy

Many companies will either underestimate or over estimate the power of a strong brand. An image that communicates the essence of what the company is about can be invaluable, but it is not a “magic pill.” It is one part of a marketing strategy that includes an overall business plan, a strong graphic presence, powerful copy, customer service, product delivery, defined goals, and the technology to keep track of all the details. We can help with one part of brand development or all of it – our initial consultation is free of charge.

Web Site Development / Graphic Design

We provide award winning web site design and the expertise to carry this online design into the real world of print, including letterhead, business cards, display ads, flyers, and postcards. We can also coordinate a print campaign with online email marketing, banner ads, HTML email, electronic newsletters, and e-books and whitepapers. We specialize in coordinating a broad range of marketing collateral. Any company can put together a basic web site, but understanding how all the communication pieces work in concert can be invaluable.


A strong design connects with people on subconscious level, while powerful copy communicates with potential clients on an emotional level. The combination of effective design and potent copy is the foundation on which a valuable brand is built. Both of these elements are an essential part of the relationship between client and company. We can help create business plans, write sales letters / postcards, develop print materials, create search engine friendly copy, newsletters, whitepapers, e-books, etc.


We offer several hosting options for our clients that include hosting, support, and monthly maintenance. We can update your web site for you each month, or upload the HTML files to your server so you can maintain your website yourself.

For more information about hosting options: click here

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve developed a unique SEO strategy that includes press releases, blog, and web site, which has proven to be effective – our most recent project gave us 7 of the first 10 search results on Google for a fairly competitive key word. The challenge of this strategy is that it can take some time and be expensive – we can show you how to do it yourself or we can do it for you. Another option is Pay-Per-Click advertising, which we can develop and manage over time.

CRM Implementation (

Small to medium sized businesses often overlook the power of a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The latest technology is now available to even the smallest company at reasonable rates. We’ve implemented and have seen how on-demand technology solutions can transform a business. We can walk a company through the process step-by-step, customize the packages, train employees, and provide the needed expertise to help take an organization to the next level.

Business Plan Development (Raising Capital)

We’ve been through the long process of raising capital and can give some valuable advice about how to pitch your company to potential investors, discuss funding options (i.e. convertible debt, equity only, debt only, or a combination), and how to value a company.

Marketing Plan Development

The free consultation will result in a basic marketing plan a company can use to reach new clients and support existing clients. A more comprehensive marketing plan can also be developed if interested.

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