Online Marketing

A successful online marketing campaign means more than driving visitors to your web site. Our marketing professionals know what it takes to attract qualified prospects, and convert those leads into sales. Whether you wish to sell products online, promote a service, generate leads, or simply increase brand awareness, we will customize a campaign with your specific objectives in mind.

Pay-per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is paid search engine placement in which a company pays a fee for each visitor to their site. In the right hands, this can be an effective form of advertising which can generate leads and boost sales by increasing traffic to your web site. However, it can also be a way to spend a great deal of money with little ROI if the one managing the campaigns lacks exerience.

Our service includes:

  • A comprehensive keyword portfolio designed to target your customers geographically, demographically and behaviorally based on your specific goals and objectives
  • Compelling ad copy placed on top search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!, to maximize click-through conversion and drive qualified traffic to your web site
  • Flexible monthly spend levels, adjustable each month to account for seasonality and sales cycles
  • Weekly performance and conversion reports, and ongoing campaign optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is when a company will develp a web site which is search engine friendly. While gaining a top ranking on popular search engines can be difficult and time consuming, it is possible. Be aware of any company that promises high search engine rankings at low cost. Sadly, if you don’t have a top-10 ranking you’ll receive likely receive little traffic. We attempt to find lower level key words that are less competitive and create web pages around these search words.

Our service includes:

  • An analysis of your present web site page rank and search engine inclusion
  • Create a comprehensive list of moderately competitive key words that produce the greatest volume of searches for your specific products and services
  • Continuous optimization of your web site to increase its search results ranking on top search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!
  • Integration of a Google Site Map with your web site for faster inclusion and more frequent ranking increases in Google search results

Online Marketing via Traditional Marketing

One way to drive more visitors to your web site is via traditional marketing methods. For example, some companies use a yellow page ad to drive visitors to their web site via a “special report” or “email course.” Each company is unique and not every tactic will work, but for companies in a single geographic area this is a kind of strategy that can be effective. These are some of the discussion points in the free consultation.

More about Traditional Marketing

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