How any Business Can Save 60% on IT

“Cloud Computing is one of the most revolutionary business advancements of our time. Now, even the smallest company can have access to the same cutting edge business technology used by Fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost.”

It’s an unprecedented time in history when it comes to IT infrastructure; yet, few companies are utilizing these advancements. I’ve managed a large IT infrastructure and know the downside of upgrades, patches, security issues, desktop management, etc. In fact, 80% of our time was spent maintaining a clunky physical infrastructure, rather than providing real business value. Millions of dollars were spent keeping this behemoth running.

As time moved on, more pressure came from the business units to deliver value, rather than maintaining (let’s face it, it’s only when the network goes down that anyone cares about technology). Small businesses deal with this same issue – a modest in-house network, email, and databases all absorb vital cash. In this economy, reducing expenditures is essential, but only if a company owner can deliver better technology and maintain a competitive advantage.

It has been my experience, that Cloud Computing can deliver superior results and lower IT costs by as much as 60% or more. A few years ago I experienced first-hand the power of Cloud Computing when working with a financial services firm with about 20 employees. I was able to reduce their IT budget by 70% and deliver a multi-million dollar CRM / Business Management system. This system changed the way they did business. It gave unparalleled visibility into their business. It introduced new insights and efficiencies.

The new system included a defined sales process, automated workflows, commission tracking, management dashboards, a 360-degree view of clients, and the result was a 400+% increase in assets under management. The transformation was quite miraculous.

We were able to track:

  • when clients came into the system
  • how often they were contacted
  • flag customers who were not contacted
  • store all financial information in one central location
  • provide a customer portal so clients could log into their account

this was all done on a shoestring, startup budget of $500 per month
I’ve worked with small companies for years (both as an owner and consultant), and I have never seen technology have such an impact on process improvement.

Today, as I sit down with business people and map out their Business Processes, clarity gives way to efficiency (spreadsheets are replaced with a cutting edge technology platform). It also provides employees with 24/7 access and a flexibility that allows them to work from home, at night, and on weekends.

The benefits are almost unlimited and the infrastructure does not need to be maintained, upgraded, or cared for. 4 to 5 upgrades take place effortlessly every year, and substantial functionality is added consistently (Google does 18 to 24 upgrades per year!).
For example, recently developed a fully integrated platform on which to develop web sites. Now, a company can manage their website content through the same application they’re managing customer relationships, tracking web visitors, and keeping track of Google Adwords campaigns.

Integrations with Facebook, Amazon S3, Google, and other cloud applications are accelerating. Thousands of applications are being developed and the Cloud Computing industry is growing at record speeds.

As Developing Nations have skipped over the copper telephonic infrastructure in place of wireless, the startup of today is by-passing a physical infrastructure in place of the cloud. Many companies are building their entire infrastructure in the cloud and gaining significant competitive advantage. Lower costs, more flexibility (applications can now be deployed in hours rather than months and years), and seamless integration is replacing older, stand-alone technology. In short, Cloud computing is a new paradigm and the company who does not take advantage of this technology will have difficulty competing with those who do.

We provide a “quick start” program to review your business processes, goals, and objectives, which results in an unbiased recommendation of next steps.

The total process takes about 10 hours (7 to 8 hours in-person and 2 to 3 hours documenting the recommendation).

Total Investment: $1,200.

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