To demonstrate this point, take a look at the following descriptions and see if they capture at least some aspects of your decision-making process:

  • be reactive – wait to see who comes to you and choose among them
  • be arbitrary – act decisively to compensate for the lack of adequate information
  • trust your gut instinct – after all, you’ve been successful in most of your decisions
  • keep it general – give your money on the basis of the credibility of known organizations rather than any individual passion
  • stick with one or two groups – do the same thing year after year so as to minimize the risk of making a mistake

If you see yourself in any of these decision-making processes, you are not alone. It is truly hard to find the kind of personally satifying experience you are looking for in your philanthropy because information and guidance regarding nonprofits are just not there. At TCI, we aim to make your decision-making more fool proof and at the same time more meaningful.


Ask yourself what goes into making sound business and investment decisions:

  • you start with a needs assessment
  • you go into an information/data gathering phase
  • you look for expertise in analyzing and interpreting the data
  • you make your decision, but you don’t stop there
  • you gather feedback from your decision
  • you make any necessary revisions

Now take a moment to look at the services we offer and see if there isn’t a close correspondence.



Foundation Program Audit

TCI can conduct a review of your existing giving programs and provide you with valuable feedback on how to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Foundation Values Audit

Clarifying your values & mission may be a key step in aligning your philanthropy with the goals you or your family set out to achieve. We guide you through assessments and exercises designed to hone the purpose and sharpen the focus of your giving programs.


Philanthropic Strategic Plan

Once you know where you want to go with your philanthropy, we will work with you to create the map that will get you there.

Philanthropic Program Development

At TCI, we can assist you in many ways to develop your philanthropy program. The goal is always to maximize the impact of giving for both you and the nonprofits you support.


Qualification of Candidates

Whether the list of prospective grant recipients comes from you or from us, you can have the reassurance that an organization receiving the benefit of your grant funding has been carefully screened. That is because TCI utilizes a unique system, developed on the basis of our extensive knowledge of how successful nonprofits should function, to compile objective ratings of individual nonprofits.

Selection of Recipients

If you want TCI’s input into the selection process, our role can range from simply joining the dialogue on selection to overseeing the entire selection and notification process.


TCI is available for ongoing consultation and management of all aspects of your philanthropic program. And when you want to fine-tune, revise or revamp programs, we will have the background information and data at hand to simplify the process of mapping your continued success.

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