Sunflower Parent Support

Because parents are involved to a high degree in our programs, we have the opportunity to support them through the daily challenges of parenting in both informal and formal ways. We work to create a community of families dedicated to helping each other learn and grow.

We recognize that each family is unique and we know that no one parenting technique works for every child all the time. We believe parents need a well-stocked tool box of skills and techniques to help them in their job as parents.

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NEW! Share & Learn Park Playdates

A morning at the park for children and stimulating discussion for parents

Offered once a month (on a Friday morning)

Bring your children to play on the playground at a local park. Susan Caruso will lead parents in a discussion of current parenting topics and concerns, using the book "Taking Back Childhood" by Nancy Carlsson-Paige, as a jumping off point. Books available for purchase at the playdate. Please come even if you haven't read the book.

See our Calendar for dates and park locations.

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Share & Learn Pizza and Film Nights

A night out at Sunflower for the whole family!

Offered once a month (on a Saturday evening)

Childcare and dinner is offered for the kids. While they play, the parents share a much quieter dinner together then view and discuss a hot-topic film relevant to everyone who cares about children.

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Sunflower Community Kitchen

Emphasis on Community
Do you love to cook? Hate to cook? Need inspiration? Each month a group will meet in a different hosts’ kitchen to prepare easy, inexpensive, healthful recipes around a chosen theme. Then take home lots of yummy food for the week!

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How to Talk

Enhance your relationship and parenting skills!
Offered periodically throughout the year

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How To Talk Workshop

For more information call 561 482-3412

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk is a workshop developed by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, the authors of the best selling book. Learn better communication skills in this valuable workshop for parents, teachers and childcare professionals.

The authors believe, “Every other occupation, from driving a truck to performing surgery, requires months or years of training. Only for the job of raising children do we expect that love will be enough. But, sometimes it isn't. Parents also need skills.”  Their program gives parents the know-how we need to be helpful to our children and helpful to ourselves. The method taught in the class is supportive, friendly, and best of all effective. It offers innovative ways to solve such common problems as:

  • How to listen to-and understand-your child's concerns.
  • How to have cooperation in your family-without nagging.
  • How you and your child can deal with feelings.
  • How to find alternatives to punishment.
  • How to help your child attain a positive self-image.

The course teaches that the words we use with our children have tremendous power. Many examples are given of the countless ways our use of language can not only engage cooperation, but can also build self-esteem, inspire confidence, and encourage responsibility in our children. During this course you will find out how the mood in your home can change when you respond:

  • To feelings - “A scratch can hurt."
    Instead of, "Stop crying. It's only a scratch"  
  • To mishaps- “The milk spilled. We need a sponge." 
    Instead of, “Now look what you did!"  
  • To misbehavior- "Walls are not for writing on. Paper is for writing on."
    Instead of, “Bad boy! No more crayons for you!

A local Dad who participated in this course was amazed at the improvement he experienced in his relationship with his children and in the atmosphere in his home as a result of the parenting skills he learned. “I have more understanding now, more patience, and more ideas of what to say and do when things start to get crazy. I don’t want to make them feel bad and shame them – I knew there had to be a better way.”  Please call (561) 482-3412 for more information. Class size is limited to ten participants.


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