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Mission and Philosophy
The mission of Sunflower Creative Arts is to give children the freedom to discover their unique passions and the support necessary for each one to develop a strong personal voice. A key component to fulfilling this mission is the education of teachers, caregivers and parents about the kinds of environments, tools and nurturing children need for optimal development.

All of our programs are designed to focus on the Development of the Whole Child.

We advocate respect for children's choices. In our creative arts programs children have the freedom to choose their own activities. In our theatre programs they create whole plays, developing the characters, dialogue, plot, costumes and sets. We believe that this gift of freedom, coupled with loving adult guidance, helps children develop a deep and solid understanding of themselves.

We view children not as clay to be molded or shaped by adult knowledge, but as seedlings in need of nurturing, space and time, and a rich environment in order to grow in the unique way intended for each one. We value the experience of pure joy and wonder in the lives of children. We respect the individual thoughts, emotions and words of each child. We believe that this enables them to develop trust in their own feelings and a high level of self-awareness. We have faith that in addition to helping them live satisfying lives, this self-awareness can help keep them safe in the world, by encouraging each one to pay attention to his or her own inner voice.


After running successful classes and programs for children and families for 10 years in Boca Raton, Fla., Susan Caruso and some close associates decided to form a nonprofit organization in order to meet the needs of children, parents and teachers in the wider community. Since January of 2003 Sunflower Creative Arts has been serving Palm Beach and Broward County with 501(c)3 status.

Through fund-raising, we aim to make our programs available to all who seek them, regardless of their ability to pay, and we strive to promote developmentally appropriate practices among those serving children in south Florida. By collaborating with other non-profit organizations in our outreach programs, we continually work towards being better able to provide high quality arts education for all children in our community.

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Sunflower Creative Arts, Inc. is a 501c3 organization, which provides its services and benefits to children and families without regard to race, color, nationality, religion or ethnic origin.